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Kevin’s Moving Service provides straightforward moving services among Wilmington Moving Companies. 

​Long Distance Moves - 24ft Truck

Labor to load - $500 
Labor to unload - $500
Per Mile One Way - $2.5

​-Labor Prices Based on $100 per hour with 4 hours minimum. Additional Hours will be $100 per hour
-All prices include all fees and taxes. NO HIDDEN FEES.
- Mileage starts at Loading Address and ends at Delivery Address. Mileage is only charged while your things are in the truck. No Round Trip Charge.
- Each mile is $2 based on Google Maps Directions
- Our 24ft truck holds 8000 pounds or less.

We are one of the best and most Professional of all Wilmington Moving Companies.

Our Wilmington Movers are very efficient. We customize our services to fit your moving needs, whether you are moving a few large items or your entire collection of belongings.