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Kevin started this company in 1999 straight out of high school. Kevin was helping a few of his parents' friends move furniture just as a favor. Word spread of his services and a business was born. Standing out from other Wilmington Moving Companies, Kevin has continued that same easy-going attitude like he is helping a friend move. We base our business on honesty and trust. 

Ten years later Kevin's Moving Service is going strong among Movers in Wilmington. Even though we are busier now. Kevin still works 6 days a week and cares deeply about every move. You can always call and talk to Kevin directly.


We here at Kevin's Moving Service invite you to call and talk with Kevin. Hopefully he can help with your move.

Kevin's Moving Service

Moving from Wilmington to New Jersey 
$2800 total cost for a 24ft truck loaded and unloaded

Moving from New Jersey to Wilmington
$2800 total cost for a 24ft truck loaded and unloaded